FEA for masonry title                                              

FEA for Masonry- 2016                                          Short Course 1                                               Short Course 2
Basics of FEA                                                        Basics about Masonry Design                         Strength Design
Modifying model for masonry elements                 Practical Tips                                                   Masonry Connections
Design/Checking for Masonry                                Example Solutions                                           Masonry Shear Wall


2.1 IMI Sample Specification Language
2.2 IMI Structural Masonry Design Tips
2.3 IMI Tech Masonry Grout
2.4 IMI Tech Hybrid Construction
2.5 Structural Masonry Solutions
2.6 Scheduling Advantages Masonry
2.7 Splicing Options
2.8 Grout Pour and Lift Limits
2.9 Changing Masonry Standards
2.10 Grout Testing
2.11 Mortar Aggregate Ratio Test
2.12 Structural Masonry Done Right
2.13 Masonry and Steel article

3.1 Locating Movement Joints
3.2 NCMA TEK 10-2C
3.3 NCMA TEK 10-3
3.4 Control Joint Spacing Matrix
3.5 Movement Control Issues in Masonry
3.6 Aesthetics of Masonry Movement Joints Sealant

4.1 Codemaster Masonry Materials
4.2 Codemaster Allowable Stress Design
4.3 Codemaster Strength Design
4.4 Codemaster Special Inspection
4.5 Codemaster Seismic Design

5.1 Embodied Energy of Concrete Masonry Biggs
5.2 2011 MSJC Evolution
5.3 Case Study Retail Masonry Faster Cheaper
5.4 Study Masonry Foundation Wall Cost Speed
5.5 Study Masonry Stair Tower Cost_Speed
5.6 Masonry Inspection Checklist Non Structural
5.7 Low Bid Masonry
5.8 Understanding AAC
5.9 Richton Park 2011 NAMC Paper
5.10 Designing Masonry Rain Screens
5.11 Building Cost Effective Masonry
5.12 A Systematic Approach to Air Barriers
5.13 Flashing from a Masonry Perspective
5.14 Building Blocks of Smart School Design
5.15 Buildable Masonry Details



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